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Copper Earrings Twist / Swirl
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Copper Earrings Twist / Swirl

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Copper is a striking accent piece.  Its orange and red hues radiate health and vitality. Ancient people believed it attracted good luck, fortune, and health to its wearers. Let our earring's bring out these amazing characteristics while highlighting your body's natural features. All our earrings are handmade in the USA. These earrings are treated with a special process that protects the copper. protects the copper from oxidizing keeping the jewelry brilliant and scratch resistant. Express your uniqueness with these beautiful earrings. Our selection is limited  and changing. Buy now before we run out of the earrings you like.

Earring posts are comprised of surgical stainless steel.

Includes: 1 Pair - Swirl Copper Earrings.
Earrings: (L" x H") - .25 x 1.25